Wednesday, September 1, 2010

YAY!!! I'm back with a Mac! I finally talked the hubby into getting me one. Can you say big smiles!! Unfortunately I have been in a sewing FUNK so I have not sewn a thing since the end of July! Can you imagine?? I feel it creeping back in though and there will be great things coming as the weather cools off and I can't go boating. I plan on attacking my Japanese pattern books with a fury! I'm hoping Google translate can help me out a little on this.
In other new; my sister Lacey has just launched her blog called Salt Box. You have got to check it out! Super cute stuff will be posted over there. She specializes in collectibles and home remodel. She is in the process of launching her Etsy store and hopes to have it going this week. She was just featured on Scotch Blue painter's tape's fan page on Facebook (wow that's a mouthful)! And also their Twitter I'm so proud of her for stepping into the creative blog world. She has a super amazing eye for cute stuff and the ability to make it happen!!! I'm sure in the very near future you will be seeing a guest blogger and some giveaways as the two of us support each other's endeavor's

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Living in the dark ages!

Ya, I am. But not by choice. My laptop decided to hit the crapper on Thursday and I was forced to wear a corset. And by corset I mean desktop. By desktop I mean the chokey. What do you do when you have thousands of pictures and dozens of PDF sewing patterns stored away on a hard drive you can't access?? You weep. You mope around the house. You swear off sewing for a couple days, and because it's the weekend you a stuck in slow motion until you can reach an IT guy on Monday only to hope and pray that he can get all your stuff off of said hard drive.

Maybe I should sew something. Oh wait, my commissioned projects are frozen until I can get my PDF pattern out of the chokey. WAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!

I could learn Japanese so that I can translate my Japanese pattern books. Or I could learn French so I could read that one blog that has translated the Japanese pattern book. Wait, what?

Well, at any rate, my house is 3/4 clean and I have made apricot fruit leather and jerky today. So I guess I was a little more productive without my laptop. It does seem to distract me quite a bit. I can't pull pics out of my camera and load them in this comp because if it has more than 10 pictures stored it becomes the poster child for the La Brea tar pits. Oh ya, and my PhotoShop CS5 would probably cause smoke to come out of the damn thing, so no edited photos for you or me!
I have been browsing through Macs all day, drooling, wishing, hoping for a magical giveaway somewhere. I may just have to call my sis in Alaska and see if she knows of any good deals on one. Chels? You reading this? H.E.L.P!!!!! PLEASE!!!!! Sob sob sob and s.o.b.!!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Giveaway over at The Idea Room!!

Ya, hi it's me. The long lost lunatic behind this blog. While I have been manically sewing commissioned projects the last few weeks, I have completely neglected all 18 of my followers. WAHOO! I gained one yesterday!!! Oh, yes, I'm sorry I really haven't forgotten about you. I've just been snuggled up real close with my seewing machine. I'm trying to figure out how to remind myself to take pictures of all the things I sew so that I can post about them and hopefully keep you all here, riveted I'm sure.
As a small token of my thanks I'm going to give you a link to an AMAZING blog I love following!
The Idea Room. She is giving away a Silhouette! Yes, the nifty gadget we crafters drool over. I'm going to go to bed dreaming of heat transfer now I just know it.
Get on over there, check out her blog, enter the giveaway (she even gives you more than one chance to enter!) and get your craft on!!

Yup, this is it!! Don't you just love that design!!! Best of all, there are NO cartridges!!! It hooks to your computer! You can use any design, font, etc from your computer and their software! How great is that!!!!! Oh, you're still here? Get over there already. But please come back to me! I promise I will try harder to post more often. ;)

Monday, July 12, 2010

New name

So you'll notice it's no longer PoppySeed. I wanted to leave that name for my business side. Since this blog is about me sewing, I thought it only fitting to change the name. And since I stuck myself about thirty times while making this, it was the first thing to pop into my head.

So why "I Hate Pins"? Here's a little back story. I used to work for a big name recliner company (rhymes with smazy moy) and we never pinned anything. How could you? It takes WAY too much time and it's a pain in the @$$! You line up the notches and go! Plus, it was all incentive work so you had to work fast. Now that I have switched gears (ok I stay home now that smazy- moy packed up and went to Mexico) and sew clothing and stuff, I use pins. I hate them. They take time and they stick me. There is nothing worse than having that long dagger in one hand while pinching 73 layers of home decor fabric on a corner and trying to stab it through them all. I can honestly hear the blasted thing cackling at me as I push with all the gusto of a (nevermind) as it waits to burst through the other side and puncture my unassuming fingers

So this little project only made me want a 1 martini lunch, as opposed to this one that had me crying for happy hour.

But here it is, in all it's glory. Lovingly stitched for the rear end of a child.

But to give some credit to the pins. They do make the outcome of your project somewhat easy to achieve (if you don't count the injuries) and they hold it all there til you get to it. So I guess they have a purpose, other than me hating them. It doesn't change my feelings towards them, it just makes me keep them around.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Busy Bee!

I have been pretty busy the last couple days! I have been completing commissioned projects, boating, fireworks, yard work, and more sewing! Sorry I haven't posted anything since Friday! I know how the crafters like new posts! I sure do. My list of blogs I follow keeps growing and it's getting harder to keep up with them all.
I have been entering my projects in linky parties in the hopes of generating more traffic over here at PoppySeed. I have a couple more followers!! :)) YAY! So in my book, it's working! You will notice that I am adding linky buttons on the side of my blog. Those are the parties where I have added my stuff. Click on them and check them out! Help support the crafting world, and those of us that are just starting out.

In the mean time I'm trying to come up with something fun as a giveaway. Does anyone know how I could track how many people other's bring to my blog? Or is that impossible? If you can help me that would be great!!

Friday, July 2, 2010


True Random Number Generator Min: Max: Result: 1 Powered by RANDOM.ORG

And that person is...

Cassie Broadbent!! Lucky you!!! :))

Thanks for playing along everyone. Keep checking back as I will continue to have giveaways because it works! :) I'm hoping to do one for the person who gets me the most followers. I just have to figure out the details!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Win It!

I need followers!! So in order to do that I'm hosting a giveaway! Yes, I understand that people need free stuff to get involved sometimes and thus the reason for the giveaway!

This is what you will win!

Cute ain't it!

Tutorial for this can be found here (Love Noodlehead!)


Become a FOLLOWER!!!!

Then post a comment telling me that you are one. 1 entry

Help me get this baby bird in the air!!

Share this with a friend. Giveaway ends Friday at 8:00pm MST