Monday, July 12, 2010

New name

So you'll notice it's no longer PoppySeed. I wanted to leave that name for my business side. Since this blog is about me sewing, I thought it only fitting to change the name. And since I stuck myself about thirty times while making this, it was the first thing to pop into my head.

So why "I Hate Pins"? Here's a little back story. I used to work for a big name recliner company (rhymes with smazy moy) and we never pinned anything. How could you? It takes WAY too much time and it's a pain in the @$$! You line up the notches and go! Plus, it was all incentive work so you had to work fast. Now that I have switched gears (ok I stay home now that smazy- moy packed up and went to Mexico) and sew clothing and stuff, I use pins. I hate them. They take time and they stick me. There is nothing worse than having that long dagger in one hand while pinching 73 layers of home decor fabric on a corner and trying to stab it through them all. I can honestly hear the blasted thing cackling at me as I push with all the gusto of a (nevermind) as it waits to burst through the other side and puncture my unassuming fingers

So this little project only made me want a 1 martini lunch, as opposed to this one that had me crying for happy hour.

But here it is, in all it's glory. Lovingly stitched for the rear end of a child.

But to give some credit to the pins. They do make the outcome of your project somewhat easy to achieve (if you don't count the injuries) and they hold it all there til you get to it. So I guess they have a purpose, other than me hating them. It doesn't change my feelings towards them, it just makes me keep them around.

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