Sunday, August 8, 2010

Living in the dark ages!

Ya, I am. But not by choice. My laptop decided to hit the crapper on Thursday and I was forced to wear a corset. And by corset I mean desktop. By desktop I mean the chokey. What do you do when you have thousands of pictures and dozens of PDF sewing patterns stored away on a hard drive you can't access?? You weep. You mope around the house. You swear off sewing for a couple days, and because it's the weekend you a stuck in slow motion until you can reach an IT guy on Monday only to hope and pray that he can get all your stuff off of said hard drive.

Maybe I should sew something. Oh wait, my commissioned projects are frozen until I can get my PDF pattern out of the chokey. WAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!

I could learn Japanese so that I can translate my Japanese pattern books. Or I could learn French so I could read that one blog that has translated the Japanese pattern book. Wait, what?

Well, at any rate, my house is 3/4 clean and I have made apricot fruit leather and jerky today. So I guess I was a little more productive without my laptop. It does seem to distract me quite a bit. I can't pull pics out of my camera and load them in this comp because if it has more than 10 pictures stored it becomes the poster child for the La Brea tar pits. Oh ya, and my PhotoShop CS5 would probably cause smoke to come out of the damn thing, so no edited photos for you or me!
I have been browsing through Macs all day, drooling, wishing, hoping for a magical giveaway somewhere. I may just have to call my sis in Alaska and see if she knows of any good deals on one. Chels? You reading this? H.E.L.P!!!!! PLEASE!!!!! Sob sob sob and s.o.b.!!!!

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