Wednesday, September 1, 2010

YAY!!! I'm back with a Mac! I finally talked the hubby into getting me one. Can you say big smiles!! Unfortunately I have been in a sewing FUNK so I have not sewn a thing since the end of July! Can you imagine?? I feel it creeping back in though and there will be great things coming as the weather cools off and I can't go boating. I plan on attacking my Japanese pattern books with a fury! I'm hoping Google translate can help me out a little on this.
In other new; my sister Lacey has just launched her blog called Salt Box. You have got to check it out! Super cute stuff will be posted over there. She specializes in collectibles and home remodel. She is in the process of launching her Etsy store and hopes to have it going this week. She was just featured on Scotch Blue painter's tape's fan page on Facebook (wow that's a mouthful)! And also their Twitter I'm so proud of her for stepping into the creative blog world. She has a super amazing eye for cute stuff and the ability to make it happen!!! I'm sure in the very near future you will be seeing a guest blogger and some giveaways as the two of us support each other's endeavor's

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